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Professionals in 6 fields

The top runners of Japanese manufacturing Participate in the rum project.

Top runners from six fields are participating in the Agricole Rum "ARCABUZ" project.

They resonated with our goal of producing world-class rum and our desire to contribute to the local community.

Professer of Cyber University Department of IT

Mr. Mori Kitamura

Professer of Cyber University Department of IT, Former editor-in-chief of one of Japan's leading product journals. He is the organizer of this project.


Ken Okuyama Design

Mr. Kiyoyuki Okuyama

President of KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN. A world-famous industrial designer, he was the first Japanese to design a Ferrari. He is in charge of the design of the bottle and logo of "ARCABUZ".


Bar Lamp

Mr. Atsushi Nakayama

Owner and bartender of "Bar Lamp", a rum bar in Tokyo. He also actively visits overseas distilleries and is well versed in rum from around the world. He was in charge of everything from the concept work of "ARCABUZ" to the taste creation.



Established in 1883, an alcoholic beverage brewing company in Kagoshima Prefecture that mainly produces shochu. Whiskey production since 2017. Participated in technical guidance for the manufacturing of "ARCABUZ".


Anything Co.,Ltd.

The president is Mr. Kazuhiro Nishimura, who runs the Japanese style apron “MAEKAKE”  specialty store in Japan. The aprons he makes are sold at the British Museum and are also admired overseas. He is in charge of bottle sack production.


KUME Co.,Ltd.

A long-established manufacturer that produced the first T-shirt in Japan. It has many fans because of its design and comfort.

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